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Our story began in 2009 by a world-renowned stylist, author, inventor, and cosmetologist Jakki Dee.  Today, Beauty Water USA is led by a group of dynamic women, who desire to see everyone experience the taste of quality water. Meet our team whose goal it is to deliver to our clients, a high-end premium quality bottled water for clearer skin, better hair and nails and improved overall health. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Tremendous Results Drinking Water

I have seen tremendous results since I've started drinking Beauty Water. Drinking more water is absolutely the best thing you can do to improve your health. James W.

Beauty Water Improved My Health

I can say with absolute confidence that Beauty Water has improved my health and my performance in a profound and tangible way. Larry K.

Improved Performance

Drinking Beauty Water is without a doubt the thing that have the most direct impact on my athletic performance are my ability to train and to recover. This water has improved both. Barbara K.

Clearer Face, Less Pimples

My 12-year old daughter has completely cleared her face of pimples by drinking more water. Beauty Water has helped significantly to her skin. It’s like magic. Jessica P.

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    Beauty Water is a premium bottled water company based in Atlanta, GA. Our mission to promote better health through hydration.

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