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Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Beauty Water, Inc. is an Atlanta-based premium bottled water company owned by women and founded by U.S Marines Corps Veteran Jakki Dee. The company is is led by a group of dynamic women, who desire to see everyone experience the taste of quality water. Beauty Water USA  was started in 2009 by a world-renowned stylist, author, inventor and cosmetologist Jakki Dee to provide women in particular with a cleaner, healthier, better tasting and attractive option for bottled water. Its founding members include Raven Dee, Kemi Lewu, Alexandra Simmons, Vony-tza Cine, Vanetza Cine and Mehrnush Saadat.

Maintain Your Beauty From Within

Beauty Water is purified through the reversed osmosis technology making it clean, safe and refreshing with the ideal taste that makes it healthy for staying hydrated. At Beauty Water Inc., we never stop thinking of ways to make bottled water healthier, cleaner and safer for you. Therefore, we use 100% recyclable bottles and offer a buy-back recycling program; and empower consumers through continuous education on the importance of hydration, and the dangerous effects of dehydration including the consumption of unclean or chemically treated drinking water through community outreach, social media, and other available platforms.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become leaders in our industry and to establish a successful woman-owned enterprise in an industry where women are under-represented as we strive to create more opportunities for women and minorities to play a significant role in business, in education, in health and community involvement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support a better quality of life by providing the healthier bottled water that we know and also educate our consumers on the importance of proper hydration by drinking an adequate amount of water to support their overall health

Our Goal

At Beauty Water USA, we aim to deliver to our clients, a high-end premium quality bottled water for clearer skin, better hair and nails and improved overall health. This is our goal because beauty is more than skin deep.

About Us

Beauty Water is a premium bottled water company based in Atlanta, GA. Our mission to promote better health through hydration.


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