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H2O Attributes

H2O Attributes

At Beauty Water USA, we believe in beauty and health from the inside out!  Better health and true beauty begin with proper and adequate hydration, period.   Our reverse osmosis technology provides a superior bottled water with a balanced pH level and perfect taste.  Beauty Water is completely free of chlorine, bacteria, microbes, pesticides, sodium, sugar and sulfur-based compounds. For our consumers that means the cleanest, healthiest and the best tasting water that we know of.

Our pH level is between 6.85 and 7 – Beauty Water is alkaline and we support a healthy pH balance which supports the body into producing its own alkalinity . A Higher alkaline level in bottled water does not equate to healthier or cleaner water; in fact, water drops down to its regular pH level of 7 once it sits still for a rather short period of time. The key to effective hydration is to allow the brain to do its work!

" Getting these health benefits is as easy as drinking a few glasses of water.

Furthermore, drinking high alkaline water for the average healthy individual is not only unnecessary, but it may also possibly have adverse effects causing the brain to no longer work in producing its own alkalinity. Each organ of the body requires a different level of pH. The alkaline level is delivered through the blood – the proper alkaline levels are developed by the brain for the body. The purpose of alkalinity is to protect, preserve and to support the body’s function. Alkalinity is transferred throughout the body through the blood.

Early on in the process we trap and remove the larger particles in the water (ie. sand, dirt, slime etc.). This insures that these items do not damage our filtration system and also increases the speed at which the purification can take place.

Our Twin Softeners removes heavy metals such as lead, mercury iron and cadmium from the water.

Commonly known as Charcoal filtration, this phase removes Chlorine, Pesticides and Herbicides from the water.

We utilize a dual filter system that are sized 10 micron and 5 micron. These filters trap and remove any tiny particles.

Ultraviolet light sterilizes bacteria, viruses and microbiological contaminants (if present). If found they then transfer to the drain.

High-Pressure is applied to spread the water across a semi-permeable selective membrane. During this stage any impurities are left behind as the membrane allows only pure water through. Impurities that are caught become concentrated and sent to the drain. 

Ozone is added to water to remove oxygen and provide a final step of disinfection of the water and anything it touches.  Ozone is chemical free and is based on taking O2 (molecular oxygen) and through high voltage electricity, the molecule is split and recombined to form Ozone (O3). Ozone is used because it is far superior to Chlorine on many levels. First, its significantly more effective in cleansing and sanitizing (about 1500x better). Second, it is tasteless and colorless, and after 24 minutes of application to water, returns back to Oxygen (O2) again.

After the water has passed through the preceding seven steps it moves into the storage and recirculation phase. This storage and recirculation system has been designed so that Beauty Water USA will retain its exceptionally high purity and will not come into contact with any materials or substances which could in any way compromise the quality of the water. Beauty Water USA features a storage system made entirely of stainless steel.

Water travels through a re-circulation loop while waiting to be bottled. While we have two tanks full of purified water ready to be bottled at any time, we like to keep everything moving.

Now that our water has completed an intensive purification phase and micron absolute filtration, we can begin bottling and labeling. Thanks to this Ultra-Pure Proprietary 10 stage Purification Process, Beauty Water USA is free of all bacteria, microbes, lead, salt, artificial sweeteners, sodium chloride and pesticides for a crisp, clean and refreshing taste. Each of these steps help insure that only the best tasting, purest water ever touches your lips, or those of your customers.




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